The world has been hitten and destructed the COVID 19. Most of the countries have locked down each and everything. The sales of the business and the daily wagers have been affected badly. Also, private employes also have been affected badly due to this. It’s getting tougher for them to manage their budget and God knows if this situation persists longer, what will happen? One section of the society more has been affected badly due to this pandemic and unfortunately that are students. Along with the wastage of their time money is also wasting.

Institutions are taking money from them and it’s becoming harder for their parents to pay these dues since their income has affected badly. More importantly what will happen to the needy or poor people?

So, at this stage, Health and Fitness Bank has decided to provide a scholarship of $1000 for the needy students who cannot pay their dues. During these hard times, health and fitness bank thinks a lot for the student and support them. The following are the requirements of the Scholarship.

  • Must be a student of college or university. Both undergraduate, as well as graduate students, can avail of the Opportunity.
  • Must be needy and have low-income status.
  • Students with good grades and needy will be given priority.
  • The total number of scholarships available is 10 and its oven world wide.
  • If there will be more students than the scholarships available then the students will be selected by draft.
  • Students must contact us through email on [email protected]. You are requested to mention your Name, Institute, Program you are enrolled in and the Country you are living in.
  • Students related to biology will also be given priority.


All those candidates who will be selected then went through a verification process and will be asked to provide a Principal email letter as well. Due to the pandemic, we have made your registration process easy. Kindly, register easily. The rest of the work and verification will be done later.

Last Date:

The last date for the submission of application is 17th April 2020. You are requested to email us at [email protected] with the required information. We will get back to you.