Prevent Teeth From Yellowing

Certain products are harmful to your teeth. Their use causes spots and stripes on your teeth, which results in the yellowish appearance of the teeth. Nobody wants their teeth to appear yellow. To keep the teeth white, we have to do some preventions so that we can prevent teeth from yellowing.

Today we will discuss how can you prevent your teeth from yellowing. The following are the preventions to make your teeth appear white.

Prevent teeth from yellowing
Prevention can help you to whiten your teeth

Reason For Teeth Yellowing

Several factors contribute to the teeth yellowing. The yellow appearance of teeth is due to any of the following.

  • Destruction of enamel (Outer covering of teeth)
  • Plague Formation
  • Spots and Blots

Removal of the coating of teeth is due to certain acidic compounds that cause damage.

Plagues form due to excessive use of sugar. It further leads to teeth decay and teeth loss.

Spots and blots on the teeth mostly formed due to coffee and tea. People fond of tea or coffee generally have stained teeth.

The stain gives teeth a slightly yellow appearance.

Prevent Teeth From Yellowing

You can prevent teeth from yellowing by avoiding the following things

1- Avoid Tea and Coffee

Both tea and coffee are significant factors for teeth yellowing. They cause permanent stains on your teeth. These stains are difficult to remove. So, they reflect a yellow appearance. 

As you keep on using tea and coffee, your teeth turn black. Eventually, your teeth degrade and fall.

Limited use of tea and coffee is okay; however, their excessive use is not worthy. Change your habit today and reduce the consumption of tea and coffee.

2- Avoid Wine

Wine is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of grapes. Fermented grapes are responsible for teeth staining. So, avoiding wine can prevent teeth from yellowing.

You should avoid any alcoholic drinks as they are harmful to your liver, as well. Also, they give a yellow tinge to teeth. Notably, red wine is more damaging to your teeth compared to others.

3- Avoid Excessive Blueberries

Blueberries, scientifically known as Cyanococcus, are corrosive to your teeth. They destroy the outer layer of your teeth, showing the underneath layer. The underneath layer of the teeth is yellow.

So, you should avoid the excessive use of blueberries. But, keep in mind that they have many benefits. So, completely removing them from your diet is not a good idea.

4- Avoid Smoking

Smoking is full of diseases. It destroys your teeth along with your respiratory tract. Doing smoking is an invitation to bacteria and viruses, which results in an infection.

You can prevent teeth from yellowing by quitting smoking. It also reduces the chances of being infected by the virus.

Nicotine, one of the major component of a cigarette, is responsible for the teeth destruction.

Smoking is a main cause of teeth yellowing
Quitting smoking prevent teeth from yellowing

5- Avoid Sugar

Sugar enrich media promotes the growth of bacteria. It causes plagues in teeth, ultimately leading to gradual teeth loss.

Sugar, the carbohydrates, is the fuel of life and hence, necessary for survival. However, their excessive use impacts your health, leading from obesity to teeth destruction.

Excessive use of sugar is the primary factor in enamel, the outer layer of teeth, destruction. Ultimately, the underlying layer of teeth will start appearing, which is yellow.

Low Sugar diets avoid rusting and prevent teeth from yellowing.

However, if you cannot minimize its use, then I recommend you to do brush after eating any sweet dish.

6- Do Proper Scaling

Never forget to visit your dentist every three months. Your dentist will do a proper scaling, which is the removal of stains from outside as well as inside.

Also, the dentist will keep monitoring your teeth and help you to avoid developing issues.

Changing your toothbrush every three months help you to avoid developing plagues. So, never forget to do so.

7- Brushing and Flossing

Brushing and flossing will prevent teeth from yellowing. Doing it after every meal gives the maximum efficiency. However, it is recommended to do brushing and flossing at least twice a day.


Yellow teeth are always challenging. Everyone wants to get rid of it. So, you have to do prevention as well as treatment. We had discussed the treatment procedure in an earlier article. Now, in this article, I have discussed how can you prevent teeth from yellowing. Also, if you still have issues regarding this, read our supporting articles or contact us for help.

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