How To Prevent Hair Fall

Hair loss is increasing day by day. Every day the cases of hair fall and alopecia are growing. It is becoming more and more difficult for people to treat hair loss. They consult the hair loss specialist or even look for an online solution on a hair loss forum. Hair loss consultation is a good idea, but if you can avoid the hair fall, it would be even better.

Males and females have different causes of hair fall and thus various preventions and treatment. Therefore it would be better to understand the cause of hair fall and then treat them accordingly.

After understanding the causes of hair fall, you would need to make some changes. You will have to take a few extra things while you would need to avoid some as well. Few are the dietary changes, few are some and care tips, and few of them are the preventions. Once you made the case, you will start seeing the results.

Prevention From Hair Fall

The following are the changes you should do to prevent hair fall.

Dietary Changes

Diet has a vital role to play in the growth of hair. Our hairs majorly contain the vitamin K. If our diet lacks the vitamin and the minerals, then the growth of our hairs will be affected. Also, the lack of vitamin K is a significant cause of hair fall. So, you should make certain changes in the diet for better nutrition and results. Following are the dietary changes one should make to avoid the hair fall.

1- Herbs

Herbs contain the primary nutrients and vitamins. A person with low herbs in their diet is at high risk of losing hair. Herbs like spinach, carrot, and eggs are the most important of hairs. Aloe vera and the peppermint are also essential for the hairs. All of these herbs have some nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in them.

hair loss forum, herbs prevent hair loss

Also, this a significant cause of hair fall in women. Most of the women keep asking about their problems on the hair fall forum. A most common problem in them is “lacking the herbs in the diet.” So, hair restoration for women is possible with including herbs in their diet.

2- Nuts

Nuts are very healthy for the human body. Almost all the essential vitamins and minerals are found in the nuts. They help hair growth and prevent it from falling. Also, our hairs are protein in nature. They require protein for growth and nourishment. Nuts contain a lot of proteins in them. Nuts are a healthy snack, and you must eat them daily. Apart from the hair nourishment, nuts also maintain the blood pressure and the cholesterol level of the human body.

It is recommended to eat 30 grams of nuts daily. Nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecan, and hazelnut have played a significant role to play in the growth and development of the human body.

3- Vitamin A

Vitamin A has the scientific name, “Retinol.” They are most important for human eyesight. Vitamin A is mostly present in the carrots. So, eating carrots can help you to improve the eyesight. But, apart from the eyesight, Vitamin A is also necessary for hair growth. One of the leading causes of hair fall is the lack of vitamin. If you want your hair to grow and nourish, then you should take the necessary vitamins.

Vitamin A and K are the most important in this regard. Both vitamins have a part to play in the growth of hairs. Vitamin K is also important in the clotting factor. So, it is advised to take a good proportion of both the vitamins into the body. For acquiring vitamin A, you are advised to eat as many carrots as possible.

4- Proteins

As we know that the hairs are made up of a special type of proteins called keratin. Since hairs are protein in nature, you should intake as many proteins as possible. After all, hairs need proteins for their growth. Hair falls when they become weak. So, for hairs to remain healthy, you must ensure a proper intake of the proteins.

hair replacement for women, proteins help in hair nourishment

You can look for a different diet that is enriched in proteins. A few of them are meat, yogurt, milk, cheese, peas, and nuts. All these are enriched in protein. Taking these can fulfill the protein demand of the body. So, the growth of your hair will be ensured.

5- Iron

Iron is important for the human body. Along with the growth of the hairs, it has some other vital roles as well. Like the development of the hemoglobin in the human body. Also, iron deficiency is extremely harmful to the body. Less iron means less hemoglobin and less blood as well. Since the circulation of the blood will not be proper, your body will feel the weakness.

Also, the deficiency of iron can cause anemia. So, apart from the growth of hairs, it has some other major roles as well. So, you are advised to take enough iron in the body. Herbs like spinach are enriched in the iron. Also, eggplant and the beef liver are enriched in the iron. Whichever diet suits you ( vegetarian or non-vegetarian) eat according to that.

6- Vitamin D

Over the past few years, a lack of vitamin D also appeared as a leading cause of the hair fall. Vitamin D helps your hair to grip in the hair follicle. If your body contains less Vitamin D, then the bond between the hair follicle and the hair will not be that strong. So, after some time, the hair will fall out of the hair follicle.

The diet to increase the uptake of vitamin D includes the Spinach, Soybeans, White beans, fatty fish, cheese, beef liver, egg yolk. All these contain a considerable amount of vitamin D. However, the chief source of vitamin D is fish.

7- Multi-Vitamins

As we have concluded from the discussion earlier that the vitamins have a role to play in the growth of the hair. Our hair requires every vitamin for its growth. However, their quantity, which hair need may vary. So, it is essential to take every vitamin in the proportionate amount. So, in this case, it would be better if you take multivitamins tablets. They contain each essential vitamin.

hair loss consultation, multivitamins prevents hair fall

Hairs Care

No doubt that the diet of the human has a role to play in the growth and nourishment of the hairs. But sometimes even after taking proper diet, the hairs have stunted growth. This is due to carelessness. Along with the diet, care if the hairs are also necessary.

If you do not take proper care of the health, then it would become difficult for your hairs to grow. Care of the hairs includes some measures which a human being should take every week for the better and improved growth.

These are the few cares you should take for the proper hair growth.

1- Oiling

Oil is the food of hair. Oils are essential for the growth and nourishment of hair. The oil contains essential vitamins as well. So, you should oil regularly while once a week you should massage the hairs. It is vital. Different types of oils are there. All the oils help the hair to grow, but the coconut oil seems to have a better effect on human hair.

Using coconut oil for a month can improve hair growth. So, massage the hair with coconut oil every week. Also, use a little coconut oil on hairs daily as well. Apart from using coconut oil, use the other oils like olive oil, as well. All the oils have different roles in the growth of hair.

celebrity hair loss, oiling strengthen the hair and prevent it from falling

Women have long hairs. Oiling hair is more necessary for women than men. As the hair grows, it takes a lot of nutrition, depriving other hairs of nutrition. So, if the hairs get deprive of the nutrition, they will fall.

So, it is more necessary for women to oil the hairs regularly. This will help them prevent the hair fall. Otherwise, once the hair fall started, hair replacement for the women will be required, which is extremely difficult. So, it is better to prevent hair fall rather than later opting for hair replacement.

2- Washing

Everything gets dirty after sometimes. So, it requires washing whether they are human clothes or human bodies. The same is the case with human hair. Due to the dust and the dirt around, human hairs get sticky. So, they require washing regularly. If you do not wash the hairs frequently, then after some time, they will start falling. So, it is advised to shampoo your hairs and clean them regularly.

Women should care about their hairs more than the men because they have got longer and thicker hairs. Also, dry the hairs as well and comb them daily. Also, use the conditioners and the shampoo for better growth and nourishment.

3- Egg Mask

Eggs are protein in nature. Since proteins are necessary for the growth of hairs, so egg masks will be beneficial for the hairs. Using the yogurt with the egg will give shine to the hairs. Also, it will thicken your hair. So, at least in a week, use the egg mask once. Using the egg with the yogurt is also useful, but you can use it as you wish. You can also use it singly.

In the care of the hair, all these three are important. When you do all these three things, then the health of the hairs remain constant. It means that if your hairs are healthy and the strong, then taking care of them will keep them strong. Care of the hair is not the only factor for the growth of the hair, but it is one of them.

Prevention From Hair Fall

Hair fall should be prevented rather than treating it. Once your hairs start falling, it will become difficult for you to handle it. So, avoid the hair fall rather than treating it. Many factors contribute to the hair fall, which is too common in our daily life. If you become able to prevent them, then your hair fall will decrease. The following are the things you should avoid to prevent hair fall.

1- Avoid Hair Products

Hair products mostly contain chemicals. These chemicals are mainly harmful to the hairs. They weaken the hairs. Different hair products like hair color, bleach, dyes, and gels weaken the hair. After some time, the hair starts breaking and then fall.

Also, most of the dyes contain ammonia. Ammonia is a harmful substance for the health of the hair. Ammonia not only weakens the hair but also damages the skin. Most people use dyes to make their hairs look like American hair. It imparts the toxicity to the skin. So, in the long run, your hairs fall out.

hair restoration for women, avoiding hair products will prevents hair fall out

So, it is better to avoid the hair fall. Also, avoid the usage of different hair products, which are unnecessary. Using gels or dyes is not a good idea. Use them if necessary. Otherwise, avoid them as much as possible.

2- Quit Smoking

A report shows that the people who tend to smoke generally have rough or weak hairs. Cigarette contains several harmful substances like the tar, nicotine, etc. When you smoke excessively, then these toxic substances start acquiring into the body.

Increasing the level of these substances in the body can damage the hairs and can cause roughness. Dry hairs are the common problem of the people who tends to smoke. So, quit smoking or try to decrease it if you want your hair to stay.

Nicotine and tar have adverse effects on health. Once you avoid smoking, you will start feeling to have nourished hair. Giving up smoking is extremely difficult for the people, and neither can they do. But, you can decrease the frequency of smoking.

3- Quit Alcohol Consumption

Most of the people ask does alcohol cause hair loss? Alcohol and hair loss have a very close relation. Alcohol stunts the growth of the hairs. Its consumption is harmful to the liver. It destroys the liver and is the leading cause of liver transplant. Alcohol consumption directly affects your liver. It plays a negative role in the hair’s nourishment.

alcohol hair loss, does alcohol cause hair loss?

Weak and destroyed hairs are due to alcohol consumption. Alcohol hair loss is the most common nowadays. Celebrities drink alcohol frequently. Though they care a lot about their hairs, still the celebrity hair loss is common. It is due to alcohol consumption.

4- Avoid Straightening and the Curling

Hair straightening and curling is a fashion nowadays. All the curlers and the straighteners heat the hairs and then mold and fold them. Hairs are protein in nature, and proteins denature at high temperatures. Hair also denatures due to curling and straightening. So, it would be better if you avoid heating the hairs.

It is challenging to avoid heating the hairs permanently since it is a fashion nowadays. But, reduce it as much as possible. It will help you in the longer run.

5- Wear Cooling Caps

Few of the patients suffer from cancer. They need to do chemotherapy as a part of their treatment. Chemotherapy contains harmful and dangerous radiations which are harmful to the health and hairs. These radiations burn the hairs entirely. So, hair fall occurs due to chemotherapy. For these patients, it is highly recommended to wear cooling caps. The cooling cap will reduce the heat and will prevent the hairs from denaturing.

6- Hormonal Regulations

Hormonal balance is necessary for the hairs. If the hormonal level of the body is disturbed, then the hairs will start falling. Males and females have different hormones with different concentrations. When the concentration of hormones is disturbed, hairs start falling. Hairs are mainly dependent on hormonal regulation. Once it is disturbed, hairs will start falling.

So, that is why the postpartum hair fall is also common. If you feel a hormonal imbalance, then please contact your doctor. He will ask you to have some tests. After that, he will be able to figure out whether you have a hormonal imbalance or not. If you have, then he will start prescribing you the medicines. Once you are on medication, you will start seeing the effects.

7- Do Exercises

exercise prevent hair fall and decrease chances of alopecia

Exercises are necessary and integral to the human body. Our hairs require the blood for their growth and nourishment. They can get blood in case if the blood circulation is well. Blood circulation is only possible when you do exercise regularly. So, you are advised to do exercise usually. It will increase the blood flow and will help the hairs to grow and nourish.


In the earlier article, we had discussed the causes of hair fall. Now, in this article, I have told you how you can prevent it. Several factors contribute to the hair fall. So, if you keep avoiding these factors, then ultimately, your hairs will not be lost. So, take care of your hair and avoid all the elements which destroy your hair.

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