How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight?

This will be one of the most described articles on how long does it take to lose weight? I will be going through all the diets, workouts and pro tips so that you can calculate the time required to lose weight after following these tips.

So, I recommend you not to leave this article in the middle, since you will be able to lose weight quickly after reading this article.

Why Should You Lose Weight?

Having weight above than normal value is a threat to your health. Obesity brings a lot of diseases with itself. It is observed that obese people have generally short life span.

Also, being overweight is unhealthy for the person since it brings laziness. So, to remain healthy it is necessary to keep your weight in a normal range.

How To Calculate Your Normal Weight Range?

Weight is calculated relative to height. Of the same age, tall people can have more weight while dwarf people have relatively less weight in their normal weight range. So, the method used to check obesity is called BMI (body mass index).

If your BMI is above the normal range, then you need to lose weight quickly. To check whether you are underweight, obese or normal, check the table given below. You can also check it with BMI calculator

Lose weight quickly

Are You Obese?

If your BMI is above the normal range given in the table, then you are obese. And if so, then the first thing you need to do is to lose weight quickly. If you want to lose weight quickly then you must be strict with the diet and workout plans.

Otherwise, losing weight will seem to be a hard nut to crack. So, to lose weight quickly just follow the diet and the workout plan.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

There is no fix calculation for the time that you will require to lose weight. However, mostly it takes 6-12 months to lose weight. The time required for weight loss depends on diet and exercise.

The more effort you put in more early you will be going to lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Quickly?

Losing weight, a nightmare for more than 50% of people in the world. And losing it quickly, the desire in the heart of every man and woman. Everyone is worried about the weight loss and they usually ask how long does it take to lose weight?

Most of the people ask if they can lose weight quickly?

My answer is yes.

You can lose weight quickly, but to do that you need to follow strict rules.

You must do the workout daily as advised, and follow your diet chart strictly to get the best results possible.

There will be some things which you have to avoid and some things which you have to do apart from your normal routine.

But, instead of getting directly to losing weight scheme, first, you need to understand losing weight mechanism. Then you have to understand your body.

After that, you will be able to analyze that where had you went wrong and how can you lose weight quickly.

Mechanism Of Losing Weight

Mechanism of losing weight is based upon, how many calories do you take in and how many calories do you burn. When you take more calories than you burn, the excessive calories are converted to fats. This fat content increases body weight and people become obese.

Now, if you have to lose weight then you have to take fewer calories and burn more calories. So, the excessive calories stored in your also burn and release their energy.

Losing weight means losing fat components of the body. Nobody wants to lose their muscles. There are 3 basic energy resources in our body.

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Fats
  3. Proteins

First, our body burns carbohydrates. When all the carbohydrates are utilized from the body, then our body metabolizes fats to get energy. At last, the body utilizes the protein.

So, if we want to lose weight quickly, then we have to take fewer carbohydrates and fats and more proteins. In this way, the body will rely more on fats for energy and will consume then. Hence, we will lose weight.

lose weight quickly
Significant Weight Loss

Workout For Losing Weight

As I have mentioned earlier, if you want to lose weight quickly, you have to do a lot of workout. On average you should do workout for 2 hours daily, and in this 2 hours workout, do cardio for 45 minutes while for other 75 minutes you can do weight lifting and exercises like push-ups, situps, etc

1- Cardio

Term cardio refers to all those exercises which increase your heartbeat. It includes running, cycling, etc. Cardio is necessary for losing weight quickly.

If you are not doing cardio it is almost impossible to lose weight quickly. Weight lifting alone is also insufficient to lose weight.

For losing weight you need to do cardio for 45 minutes daily. Cardio is involved in high perspiration, breathing and panting. It exhausts the calories of the body.

Cardio gives you stamina while weight lifting builds your strength.

So both are necessary for your health and fitness.

Cardio can be done in several ways. Each way has its own function. For losing weight we have to do High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT).

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

High-Intensity interval training refers to doing the exercise at high intensity for some time and then taking a break. For example, you run at full speed for 1 minute and then just walk for 20-30 seconds.

Do it again and again for 20-25 minutes to get the best results possible. Same you can do for cycling.

High-intensity interval training is the soul of losing weight. You can lose weight quickly with this. In a couple of weeks, you will start feeling the difference.

It is associated with sweating and panting, hence it is key to lose weight quickly.

2- Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is another exercise for losing weight. When we lift the weight, our body burns calories and as the exercise proceeds body needs more and more energy.

So, the body will get the energy from carbohydrates and later from fats. But, there are different ways of doing weight lifting, each having a different purpose.

Lifting more weight with fewer repetitions tends the body to gain weight. While less weight with more repetitions compels the body to lose weight. In doing more repetitions with less weight, our body feels fatigued since a lot of work had done.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight?

So, our calories burn to provide us with energy. While lifting less weight our muscle does not tear, so there will not be any accumulation of protein. Hence, we will not gain weight.

This kind of weight lifting will burn the fat from all your body with the passage of time.

3- Exercises

Exercises will help you to lose weight quickly since doing exercise requires energy and it burns our stored calories. Doing the right exercise is necessary for losing weight.

Some people use to target only one part of the body for spot fat reduction which seems to be ineffective.

I recommend you to target your whole body. When fat from other parts of your body is metabolized, of course, your body will then start to reduce it from your desired body part.

Swimming (Master Of All Exercises):

If you want to lose weight quickly then this is the icing on the cake. Swimming is as important to health as the oxygen for the body. It is a combination of both cardio and strength workout.

How Long Does It Take to Lose Weight?

Swimming provides you with the stamina as you have to hold the breath during swimming. It provides you with strength since you use your muscles to do work. So, if you desire to lose weight quickly swimming can add value to it.

Diet For Reducing Weight Loss Time

Workout alone cannot do anything. Workout contributes 30% to weight loss.

The rest 70% contribution to weight loss is due to diet.

A proper diet is necessary for losing weight. If you control your diet you can lose some weight without even workout, while if you do workout for 3 hours daily and don’t control your diet you cannot lose weight.

I have mentioned earlier that our body metabolized macromolecules in a specific order. First, our body will metabolize all the carbohydrates available.

When our body will get deprived of carbohydrates then the body will metabolize fats and after that the proteins.

So, if I ask you what losing weight means? Your answer will be, “losing fats”. And when the fats will be metabolized? When there will be consumption of all the carbohydrates.

time required for weight loss

So in your weight loss diet, you have to decrease carbohydrates and fats intake and rely more on proteins. Since proteins are metabolized after fats there is no harm in eating more proteins.

Also, proteins are used to build muscles and excessive proteins get excreted out of the body through defecation. This diet will be of prime importance if you want to lose weight quickly.

What You Should Avoid?

Since in the weight loss diet, our main focus is to avoid as many carbohydrates and fats as possible. This is the only way to lose weight quickly. I will go through some of the foods you should avoid to lose weight quickly.

1- Junk Food

Junk food is a poison for athletes and obese people. By eating one pizza, you waste your 2 weeks workout. Also, junk foods have a high level of cholesterol ( fat), which we want to lose.

We cannot lose fat if we kept eating it. 

So, the first step to lose weight quickly is to avoid all junk foods. Junk foods include a burger, pizza, fries, chips, steaks.

2- Sugar And Sweet Dish

Avoid all the foods which contain high sugar content. Sugar contains a high amount of carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight quickly then you have to avoid all those foods which contain sugar.

Also, avoid artificial sweeteners agents in your foods. Artificial juices, sweet candies should be avoided.

3- Rice

Rice is rich in carbohydrates. So, for a person who wants to lose weight quickly, eating rice should be of low priority. However, if you want to eat rice on a few occasions then I will recommend you eat Black-eyed pea with them.

reduce weight loss time

4- Oily Foods

Oily foods are hurdles for people who want to lose weight quickly. In the subcontinent where foods like biryani, korma are famous, they should be avoided.

All those foods in which excessive oil is used, they are hampering the weight loss process.

What You Should Eat?

Of course, you have to eat food which enriches in proteins. There are many foods that contain proteins. I cannot cover all those food in this article since there is a separate article on them.

I will discuss few protein diets here and you can simply go through them. These are the foods you should take to lose weight quickly.

1- Meat

You might have heard that meat enriches in proteins. So, if you want to consume a high protein diet, then the meat should be of prime importance.

According to research, every 100 grams of meat contains 25 grams of proteins. In meat, fish and beef are more beneficial. However, chicken breast is also popular among bodybuilders.

So, eat the meat which you can easily afford. It is a misconception among people to avoid meat for weight loss.

Meat has nothing to do with losing weight unless you eat fats.

2- Eggs

Egg albumin contains sufficient proteins. Each healthy egg contains about 6 grams of proteins. Egg yolk is rich in fats, carbohydrates, and other micronutrients.

So, if you are following a weight loss diet and want to lose weight quickly, I will recommend you to eat boiled eggs. Eat boiled eggs as per your appetite.

egg as a weight loss diet

At normal you can eat up to 3 eggs per day. Eat only 1 egg yolk.

3- Milk and Its Derivatives

Milk and its derivatives are rich in protein. As per research, 100 grams of milk contains 3.4 grams of proteins.

Its derivatives like yoghurt, cheese, etc also contain a considerable amount of proteins. 100 grams of yoghurt contains 10 grams of proteins (more than the equal amount of milk).

Cheese has the highest amount of protein among milk derivatives. 100 grams of Cheese contains 25 grams of protein.

So, to lose weight quickly you should increase the use of milk and its derivatives.

4- Legumes

Legumes contain enormous proteins. Peanuts, of course, are the masters of all legumes since they contain the highest amount of proteins.

Green peas contain 5 grams, lentils contain 9 grams, pinto beans contain 21 grams and peanuts contain 26 grams of protein per their 100 grams.

So, legumes are a life jacket for obese and decrease the time required for weight loss


Weight loss is the most diverse and discursive topic which could not be wind up in just 1 article. I have tried to answer the question that most of the people ask how long does it take to lose weight?

I will publish more articles on weight loss later. In this article, I have also mentioned how you can reduce the time that is required for weight loss.

So, if you are going to start your weight loss plan and want our consultation then reach us by contact form. One of our fitness trainers will guide you and give you a plan.

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