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People have a different physique. Few are too obese that they want to lose weight while few are too slim that they wish to gain the weight. So, they change their diet and make it as per recommendation. But sometimes that diet works best for one person and not for others. The problem is not in the diet but the metabolism of the person. So, whether to have a fat protein efficient diet or carbohydrate efficient diet depends on your metabolism, which occurs at a different rate for everyone.


fat protein efficient diet for weight loss
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Metabolism is the breakdown of biomolecules like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to provide energy to the body.

Few people oxidize the food early, so it is broken down to release energy. They are called fast oxidizers. While few people oxidize the food slowly and hence its breakdown requires a lot of time. They are called slow oxidizers. Few have a standard rate of metabolism, and they are called normal oxidizer. All individuals have a different rate of metabolism so they should have different metabolic typing diet.

Metabolic Typing Diet:

A metabolic typing diet is the selection of diet on the basis and rate of metabolism of the body. Due to the different rates of metabolism, the rate of calorie consumption varies greatly. So, to remain healthy and not to gain or lose weight, you should have a diet according to your metabolism. The ultimate goal of this is to prevent the deficiency and the excess of calories in the body.

So, based on metabolism, people are characterized into three types of metabolic typing diet. But before diving deep into it, it is also necessary to understand the history and the core concept of this.

Brief History:

In 1936, Weston Price took an expedition around the world. He analyzed the diet of the modern world and the old age. Along with that, he was trying to build a relation between the diet of the different areas. So, in the end, he was able to understand the reason of several modern contagious diseases that are too common in the current world. He related it with the diet of the people. Also, he found that the diet varies significantly from climate to climate, tradition to tradition, and area to area. So the metabolic type also varies.

So, later in the year, he wrote all these concepts and understanding in his book. Also, keep in mind that these all were his understandings and ideas. They are not scientifically proved. His book’s name is Metabolic Typing Diet.

Metabolic Type:

There are three major classifications of metabolic types. All are done based on their sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system along with their oxidizing rate.

1- Fast Oxidizer ( Fat Protein Efficient Body)

These people have got a high metabolic rate, and them breakdown the biomolecule at a faster rate. Their sympathetic nervous system is more developed because they have to show fight and flight responses. They include those people who mostly do a lot of physical work. So, they a fat protein efficient body. They draw more and more energy, so they always feel hungry.

2- Slow Oxidizer (Carbohydrate Efficient Body)

Slow oxidizer has a low metabolic rate since they do not require a lot of energy. They mostly do sitting work and don’t have to show the fight and flight responses. That is why their parasympathetic nervous system is more developed. So, they have a carbohydrate efficient body. They don’t feel too much hunger.

3- Mixed Oxidizer

These people have got a mixed metabolic rate. Their digestion is neither too fast nor too slow. They do combined activities. So, their sympathetic and parasympathetic both system is well developed. Also, they have a carbohydrate and fat protein efficient body.

fat protein efficient body
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How To Detect Your Metabolic Type?

Before doing anything, the most important thing is to find your metabolic type. After that, you will be able to guess and have the right diet for you.

At first, you can consult your doctor or nutritionist, which is the most important thing to do. I highly recommend you not to start anything without consulting your doctor. You will be through different urine or blood test, and then the doctor will be able to guess the metabolic type of your body.

Also, there is one more way which I usually don’t recommend. It is by guessing it through your hunger. If you feel hungry after a short interval of time, then you are a fast oxidizer. However, if you feel hungry after a more considerable time, then probably you are a slow oxidizer. Otherwise, you are a mixed oxide.

Types Of Diet

Since there are three different metabolic types so the diet will also be of three different types.

Fat Protein Efficient Diet:

This diet is suitable for fast oxidizers, and there is a medical logic behind this as well. The first biomolecule that is oxidized in our body is carbohydrates. It just starts metabolizing once taken into the body and begin providing energy. Since fast oxidizers oxidize food early, they start feeling hungry. So, a fat protein efficient mean plan works for them. They should take a high-fat protein diet.

fat protein efficient diet plan free
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They should take almost

  • 40 % of proteins
  • 30% of fats 
  • 30% carbohydrates

The benefit of this fat protein enriched diet is that it takes more time to metabolize than the efficient carbohydrate diet. Hence preventing overeating and excessive hunger.

Now, most of the people start asking for fat protein efficient diet recipes. Well, there is not any rocket science in it. You have to take all those foods which are enriched in fats or proteins. You can also download a fat protein efficient diet plan free, but here are our few recommendations.


  • Rely more on meat. Increase the intake of high protein meat like mutton, beef, salmon fish, chicken, etc. Since you have got the fat protein efficient body meat will help to fulfill the protein demands on your body.
  • Try out more dairy products. Milk and its derivatives contain a lot of proteins. So try taking in cheese, yogurt, or milk itself. One hundred grams of yogurt contains more than 15 grams of protein.
  • Eggs have always remained a significant source of protein. Even bodybuilders are advised to have several eggs in their diet. A single egg contains 6 grams of proteins. While its yolk contains the fats and nutrients, so, one can say it’s a perfect example of a fat protein efficient diet.
  • Lentils and grains contain a high amount of proteins. Add them to your diet as well. Eating lentils and pea with rice is a lot beneficial since it will cover the demand for carbohydrates as well.
  • Increase the intake of fats in your body. Try to consume less than 10% saturated fats as they are very harmful.


  • It helps the fast oxidizers to manage their energy level and hunger. It prevents them from overeating.
  • This is helpful for people to lose weight. It promotes the breakdown of stored fats and carbohydrates.
  • The diet helps in building muscles and improving the overall protein contents of the body.
  • It is an individualized kind of diet based upon the metabolism so people can try these other diets that had not worked for them.
  • All the carbohydrates advised in this diet are healthy and have fibers. They are beneficial for the human body and prevent their accumulation and later conversion to the fats.


  • There is no calorie calculation in this diet. Most of the expert recommends a diet based on calories calculation. Like if someone wants to lose weight, then he should take fewer calories and burn more and vice versa. In this diet, there is no caloric calculation, which is extremely harmful to the human body.
  • This is an imbalanced diet. It has a lot of protein and fats concentration.
  • This diet contains more saturated fats, which are incredibly harmful. They can accumulate in the coronary artery and can cause a heart attack.
  • This diet is individualized. So, before taking this diet, it is also extremely to understand the metabolic type of the body. If you are unable to do so, then this can cause severe threats to your body.
  • There is no scientific evidence or proof for this. It is just presumed.
  • The concentration of carbohydrates is less in this diet. They are the immediate and primary source of energy. So, it can cause faintness sometimes.

Carbohydrate Efficient Diet:

This diet is recommended for the slow oxidizers. Since their metabolic rate is too low, eating a high protein diet can cause indigestion. Also, these proteins will not be accumulated. So, as a result, they will become fat and get a deposit into the body. That is why they are advised to take a high amount of carbohydrates in their diet. Since carbohydrates are oxidized quickly, this makes it easy for them to handle.

fat protein efficient meal plan
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In this diet, you are advised to take

  • 60% carbohydrates
  • 20% of proteins
  • 20% of fats

There are a lot of foods which are enriched in carbohydrates, and you can take them into this diet. Also, I highly recommend you to visit your nutritionist and get a proper diet plan from him. You can also look on the internet for carbohydrates efficient diet plan. From us, here are the few recommendations.

  • All the fruits are full of carbohydrates. So eat as much fruit as you can. They contain fibers that are extremely beneficial to your health.
  • All kind of sweets and juices contains carbohydrates. So never bother to have both these. Make a habit of having juice in the breakfast.
  • Eat more rice. Rice is the primary source of proteins. Along with them, you can use potatoes as well.
  • Since the percentage of protein requires in this diet is too low. So, you are advised to eat light meat (just chicken) only.
  • Eat fewer dairy products.


  • Carbohydrates provide immediate energy to the body. So, you always remain charged up and full of energy. Also, your brain needs glucose for its proper functioning. It helps in keeping you fresh.
  • It prevents slow oxidizers from indigestion. So, they have a stomach upset.
  • The majority of carbs are fibers. They are beneficial indigestion.
  • It is a customized diet that can help someone to gain or lose weight depending on their metabolic type.
  • This diet has fewer saturated fats.


  • It lacks the macronutrients like proteins and fats. So, the muscle-building of the body is affected.
  • Consuming excessive carbs later cause them to convert into fats. These fats can then get accumulated into the body and cause obesity.
  • It is too an imbalanced diet.
  • This diet also lacks the essential elements which are required by the body for proper functioning.
  • This diet also has no calorie calculation and is based on assumption.

Mixed Diet:

Those people who have a mixed type of metabolic activity should eat a mixed diet. This diet should be a mixture of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates as well. There can be a separate diet plan for that which you can download. Here are a few recommendations from our side.

  • Eat eggs, light meat for protein, and fat consumption.
  • Make sure to intake sufficient fruits as they will help in fulfilling the carbohydrate demand of your body.
  • Include dairy products in your diet since they contain proteins, fats, and fewer carbohydrates as well.
  • Eat rice with pea and lentils.
metabolic typing diet
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  • It contains every macronutrient.
  • Include a sufficient concentration of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • A comparatively lesser amount of saturated fats because they are harmful to the heart.
  • It helps in maintaining weight.
  • This diet contains the essential elements and fibers which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.


  • This diet is not suitable for gaining as well as losing weight.
  • This diet doesn’t tell more about timing. Since it’s a consumption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates so there should be proper timing, consuming the high proteins, and going to bed can be harmful. But unfortunately, there is no mentioning of time in this diet.
  • There is no calorie calculation in the diet. Although it’s a mixed diet that contains all essential components, still, that not necessary that it will be beneficial for you as calorie calculation varies from body to body, so the diet should also be.
  • It is individualized and may not work the same for all individuals.


I have discussed fat protein efficient diet in detail along with the metabolic typing. I have also explained what to take why to take and what are their pros and cons. So, which diet is suitable for you depends on your metabolic type. You can judge it, but for precision and accuracy, I will recommend you to visit some doctor and get a proper check-up to determine the metabolic type of your body.

While these diets are specialized and more individualized, they have benefits and might work best for you. But along with that, there are some main disadvantages which you must know.

  • There is no scientific proof of that.
  • There is no calorie calculation in these diets. They mentioned that this diet would maintain your hunger, which will maintain your calories.
  • Experts suggest taking 10-35% proteins, 40-60% carbohydrates, and 25-40% fats. Unfortunately, all these diets go against the expert’s suggestions and calculations.
  • These diets are more out of balance and may lack vital elements.
  • These diets contain more saturated fats, which increase the risk of heart diseases.

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