8 Essential Oils For Headaches

Recently a report was published stating that more than 70% of the adults suffer from headaches. They look for some remedies or medical treatment to get rid of headaches and migraines. It is considered that oil helps the patient to get rid of headaches. So, we will discuss 8 essential oils for headaches.

Before diving deep, keep in mind that in two ways, you can treat a headache. You can either take medicines by visiting your doctor or take essential oils for headaches and body aches. Usually, medications are not recommended as they contain a high amount of nicotine and other neuro suppressers.

Essential Oils For Headaches
Essential Oils For Headaches

So, it would be better if you opt for oils as a treatment of migraine and headache. There are two main advantages of using oils as a headache treatment. First, you don’t have to visit the doctor, and you can do it easily at home. Second, oils do not contain nicotine. So, there is no way that you will be addicted to this.

Essential Oils for Headaches:

The following are the best essential oils for headaches. So let dive into it.

1- Rosemary oil

Studies show that rosemary oil has a stimulating effect on the body. It enhances or stimulates the blood circulation in the body. Also, it has anti-inflammatory effects on the body. So it can relieve the headache, migraine, and sinus pain.

It also blocks the signals to your nervous system from the injured part of the body so that you cannot feel the pain. So, it is used to avoid pain. That’s it is recommended to use headaches and migraines.

It helps to avoid depression and anxiety as well.

essential oils for headaches and body aches, where to rub lavender oil for headache

2- Eucalyptus

Few people have a deviated nose strand, which blocks the sinuses. Or they are suffering from sinusitis, which blocks the sinuses (small holes present in the face) due to the accumulation of fluid. When your sinuses are blocked, it prevents air from reaching inside. Besides, it causes headaches, and the reason for that headache is sinuses blockage rather than depression.

If you have sinuses blocking, then I would recommend you to visit your doctor. Most of the time, it is due to the deviated nose strand. So, it would be better if you get the surgery done for your nose.

However, if there is just an accumulation of fluid, it is one of the best essential oils for headaches and sinus pain. It drains all the liquid out of the body, removing the blockage. Also, it has an antibacterial and antiviral effect. So it will even kill all the microorganisms present inside.

So, in this way, it helps in reducing the headache. Keep in mind that it should only be used if the cause of a headache is not depression.

3- Chamomile

Chamomile essential oil is a neuro-relaxant. It relaxes the neurological system of the human body relieving from all the pain and aches. It is an essential anti-inflammatory oil that can help you in getting rid of headaches and depression.

essential oils for headaches and sinus pain, how to use peppermint oil for headaches

Research shows that it has a more significant effect on depression and anxiety. All the people suffering from depression and anxiety have recovered much from their condition after using chamomile essential oil.

4- Frankincense

Few people not only have a headache. They have cluster headache, and that’s the reason they look for cluster headache essential oils. If that’s the case, then Frankincense essential oil is the best essential oil for you.

Cluster aches occur in the neck, head, back, and few other muscles. Frankincense has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. So, it relieves headaches and muscle aches. Also, it is an anti-depressant that helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

5- Peppermint

Word “mint” indicates that peppermint essential oil contains menthol, which has a cooling effect on the body. It helps in relaxing the pulled muscles of the body. Also, it relaxes the neck muscles and stimulates the upward flow of the blood to the heart.

It has been used commonly for treating headaches, and it is the most effective among all of them. Sometimes muscle contraction causes depression, which results in a headache. Peppermint can get rid of these headaches by lowering your depression and relaxing your body. That is why it is one of the best essential oils for migraine headaches.

Make sure to use diluted peppermint essential oil for better results and avoiding any consequences.

How to Dilute Peppermint Oil for Headaches?

You can dilute peppermint oil for headaches by mixing it with any other essential oil. Also, sometimes people use water to dilute it, but keep in mind that oil is organic and insoluble in water. So, it would be better to use organic material. You can use alcohol, aldehyde, and ketone for diluting peppermint essential oil.

6- Lavender Oil

The lavender essential oil has a strong smell with seductive effects. Lack of sleep causes anxiety and depression, which ultimately lead to a headache. Lavender oil promotes sleep as it has a seductive effect on the body.

how to dilute peppermint oil for headaches

So you should use it during the night for better sleep. Once your sleep is better, your body will relax, and you will start relieving headaches.

Some pregnant women ask for essential oils for headaches in pregnancy. I would recommend that they not use Lavender oil as it has seductive effects while you can use other essential oils.

Where to Rub Lavender Oil for Headache?

Do most people ask where to rub lavender oil for headache? No, you don’t need to rub it at all. Inhaling it is also enough as it has a strong smell. However, you can rub a small quantity of this oil on the inner part of your nose. Keep inhaling lavender oil for 15 minutes.

Also, you can have a massage of this oil as it is a super-relaxant.

7- Ginger

The ginger essential oil has anti-inflammatory effects and is used to get rid of all sorts of pains. It relieves the headache by increasing the blood flow to the brain. It promotes the activity of the heart to pump harder and better. 

Due to increased pumping of heart, there is less risk of fat accumulation in the coronary artery. So, it prevents heart diseases. Also, ginger promotes gluconeogenesis (conversion of glucose to amino acids). Thus, glucose concentration in your blood becomes less, and it protects your body from diabetes. 

Ginger also has antiviral and antibacterial effects. So, it is an excellent choice for relieving headaches.

8- Geranium

In women, the cause of headache is sometimes the menopausal and issue. These hormonal disturbances can lead to a severe headache. In that case, the Geranium essential oil is the best option. You can use it with lavender oil for massage, and it will give you the best possible results.

essential oils for migraine headaches,

Along with the headache issue, it will also solve all kinds of menstrual or hormonal problems. So, for women, I especially recommend this essential oil.

How to Use Essential Oils?

Now you have known about the essential oils which you can use for weight loss. Now, it depends on you when it comes to choosing an essential oil. But there is a more important thing. That is how to use these oils? You can use these oils in numerous ways. Few of them are

  • The first method is to apply the essential oil directly on the site of a headache (Topically). You can also use it to other parts where you feel pain, especially in the neck and behind the ears. Take a few drops of the oil, rub it on your hand, and apply it to the pain site. Unfortunately, essential oils have a corrosive effect on the skin and can damage your skin. So, it is advised to dilute them before using them. You can dilute them with any healthy oil, especially coconut oil.
  • The second method is to inhale the fumes of the essential oil. Few people find it challenging to use the oil topically. For them, it would be better to inhale fumes (aromatically). For that, you will need a diffuser. You can buy one for yourself online. After that, you will need to enter 4-5 drop-in diffuser and inhale it. You can repeat this 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes. 

There are some risk factors, as well. Use the diffuser in a much-closed environment and make sure that no pets, children or pregnant women are present. The essential oil can be toxic to them. So, aromatically use it in a controlled environment.

  • The third method is to use essential oil in a warm bath. You can put 5-6 drops of essential oil in the warm water. Then you can take the warm water breath. It will relieve all the pains in your body and will give you a soothing effect.


I have discussed 8 essential oils for the headache. Now it’s your choice. Before trying it, I want to let you know that it is not a medical treatment for the ailment. It is just a remedy that you can use to relieve your pains as its benefits are observed. Also, they are not regularized by the FDA. So, before buying any essential oil, check it properly. If you have tried any essential oil in the past, then do let us know in the comment. If you haven’t, then which one you will be going to try, kindly let us know.

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