Blackhead Removal and Prevention

Blackhead is a nightmare for everyone. It not only makes your skin look ugly but also hurts the emotion of an individual. Everyone wants to look appealing, but these black spots on your skin devastate the whole look of your face. That’s why most of the time, people ask us to share blackhead removal tricks and its prevention.

If you also have blackheads on your skin, then don’t worry because this article will be going to help you a lot. Not only will you be able to treat it, but also you will be able to prevent it from coming back.

What is a blackhead?

Blackheads are small black spots that appear on your skin. They are numerous, making the skin look dull and ugly. They are a modified form of acne. Blackheads are formed when the oil or sebum from your skin gets mixed with the dead cells of the skin. Then this mixture travels to the pores or opening of your acne where it gets oxidized. After oxidization, it appears black.

This black mixture keeps building and accumulating inside the pores. Since the pores are closed or have a narrow opening, this material cannot get out of the pores formed due to acne and keep accumulating. This is known as a blackhead.

Acne is inflammatory, while blackheads don’t cause inflammation.

Where Can Blackheads Grow?

Blackheads are a skin disorder and can appear anywhere on the skin. Those having oily skin are most susceptible to blackheads. The main reason is the excessive excretion of sebum from the sebaceous gland. So, if your skin is secreting excessive sebum, you are at high risk of having blackheads. Few parts where blackheads can grow are

  • Blackheads on the face are too common. It is mainly the first and most common site of blackheads. The reason is that our hairs, especially facial hairs, cause the sebaceous gland to secrete a lot of sebum. This sebum makes the skin oily and susceptible to blackheads formation. In more than 80% of cases, blackheads are formed on the face, especially blackheads on cheeks.
  • After the face, the most common site of the blackhead is the back. In more than 50% cases, people having blackheads on the face also have blackheads on back. But blackheads on the back can cause a lot of itching and causes trouble sleeping.
blackhead removal from blackheads on back
Credits: Angelica Kitchen
  • It can also affect the other part of your face. Blackheads in the ear and nose are a typical example of it. Affected people also reported having blackheads on the nose, but luckily nose and ear blackhead removal are somewhat relatively easy. Strips work efficiently on the nose for blackhead removal.
  • The last common affected are legs. Although legs are not commonly affected if affected, then the inner thigh is the most frequently affected site in the legs.

How to prevent blackheads?

It is necessary to prevent blackheads from coming. Once they are formed, then it will become too difficult to remove them, and even if you remove them, it is necessary to prevent them from coming back. Here are a few tips which you should follow to avoid blackheads formation

Don’t sleep in Your Makeup

Makeup is the use of some extra powder on your skin. With having a long day in makeup, you should remove it before sleeping with wipes. Otherwise, your make up can mix with the sebum of your skin and can clog your skin pores.

Few makeups are non-comedogenic, which means they keep the pores open. Still, it is not recommended to sleep with makeup. Wipeout all your make up before going to sleep.

Avoid Pore Strips

Some people use their techniques for blackhead removal. Many people use pore strips while some use other blackhead removal tools. It is recommended to avoid all of these. They can destroy and spread your acne or blackheads.

Although pore strips work best for the extraction of blackheads from nose still, it is advised to avoid these extraction methods. If you are willing to extract, then consult dermatologists or professionals for the hygienic and sterilized extraction of blackheads.

blackheads on nose, ear blackhead removal,blackheads in ear
Ctedits: Elle

Use Non-comedogenic products

Comedogenic word is derived from come done, which means a closed pore. The closing of a pore is extremely harmful since the dirt will remain clogged inside. So make sure the products you use like cleanser, face wash, makeup are non-comedogenic. Your pores should remain open if you want to get rid of blackheads.

So, do some research and buy non-comdedogenic products. Mostly Neutrogena provides the non-comedogenic products still. I recommend you do some research before purchasing a product.

Avoid Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide works best for acne. Although blackheads are a modified form of acne, benzoyl peroxide doesn’t work for them. It treats regular acne by its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Since none of these is a cause of blackhead so using Benzoyl peroxide is naivety.

Avoid Harsh Scrub

Scrubbing is effective in removing the dead cells from your skin, but using it on blackheads is foolish. Scrubbing can destruct your skin and destroy pores. Also, harsh scrubbing can push the dirt more deeply into the skin and can cause more pores in your skin.

Even if you want to do scrubbing, you are advised to use a slight scrubber with not many particles. Also, use it gently on your skin with a soft hand. Doing it firmly can cause the cells of your skin to tear apart and create pores.

blackhead removal tool, blackheads on face, blackheads on cheeks
Credits: Epiphany Dermatology

Avoid Squeezing and Popping Blackheads

Popping or squeezing blackheads has never been a good idea. It will never help you to remove blackheads. It will destroy your skin. Also, with unhygienic blackhead popping, the dirt can get out and spread to other pores as well.

It can also cause scratches and permanent dark spots on your skin. Some people pick needles in the blackheads or affected area. Never do that. Along with the spread of blackheads, it can cause some other problems for you as well, like the accumulation of puss in pores.

Do Exercise

Exercise can keep your skin away from the acne and blackheads. When we do exercise, our body starts sweating. Our sweat contains several enzymes that have a phagocytic activity. They engulf and destroy the dirt and dead cells. Also, it dissolves skin oil (sebum) in it, keeping our skin oil-free.

Blackhead Removal Methods

If you are unable to prevent the formation of the blackheads, then the next thing comes the blackhead removal. Yes, you can remove blackheads easily. Few steps you can follow at home while for a few steps, you may need to visit some dermatologists.

Use Salicylic Acid Gel

Salicylic acid is an exfoliant. The exfoliant is a substance that can open the pore. By opening pore, it can get inside and dissolve the dirt and other accumulated substances in it. Then you can wash the gel and get rid of the blackheads.

Keep in mind that it is not 100% effective. Also, it contains excessive hydroxy acid, and that is why it acts as an exfoliant. Make sure not to use it frequently or in a larger quantity. It can have corrosive effects on your skin.

Wash Your Face with Warm Water

Washing face with water can help prevent as well as treat acne. Warm water increases the temperature of your skin, preventing any bacterial activity. Also, it dissolves the oil from your skin and removes it.

popping blackheads, squeezing blackheads, blackhead popping
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For washing, you can use face wash as well as a cleanser. Warm water also does scrapping and removes all the dirt and the dead cells preventing their accumulation. If you do that 2-3 times daily, then no dirt or dead cells will be clogged in the pores.

Try Oil-Free Sunscreen

Rays from the sunlight can stimulate your sebaceous gland due to which sebum will start secreting. As a result, your face will become oily, and it may cause inconvenience and itching. In that case, you are advised to wear sunscreen.

Everyone should use sunscreen no matter what the skin type is. People having oily skin can use an oil-free sunscreen. It blocks the Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun prevents the deposition of excessive oil.

Charcoal Mask

Charcoal causes detoxification, and due to this property, its use is enhanced. The charcoal mask is best for popping out all the dirt from blackheads. Charcoal goes deep into the pores and removes the dirt from there.

Most of the people are fond of masking, and they look for blackhead removal mask. If you are also, then I will advise you to leave all other masks and go with a charcoal mask. Blackhead removal masks that are common in the market don’t work efficiently. Instead, they destroy the pores and skin.

Use Clay Mask

We have also mentioned earlier that the root of a blackhead is oil on your skin. Get rid of as much as possible. Clay mask is known for its anti-oil effect. It can dissolve all the excessive oil from your skin and can get rid of it.

It is made up of clay, and it acts like it in absorbing and removing oil. There are several clay mask providers in the market. Look for the best one and find one for you.

blackhead removal mask, blachead removal
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The clay mask has no harmful effects on the skin. Must use it once a week. Also, don’t overuse it since it will get rid of all the oils and can cause skin dryness.

Take Antibiotics

You can also use some antibiotics to get rid of the bacterial activity under the pores of your skin. It will prevent your skin from accumulating puss in it. It is not that much necessary for blackheads as for acne. Still, I will recommend you visit any dermatologist and look for his advice.


Retinoids are the derivatives of Vitamin A. Vitamin has a vital role to play in skin nourishment. In acne, most of the dermatologists suggest Vitamin A derivatives like Isotretinoin, etc. Vitamin A helps in curing the acne.

Before going for that, make sure to consult your dermatologist first. These derivatives have effects on the liver and triglycerides. Your dermatologist will do some test and then can recommend you this. The usage of Retinoids depends on your medical condition. Never use them before consulting your doctor.

Peeling With Hydroxy Acid

Hydroxy acids are exfoliants. They open the pores of blackhead or skin. As a result, dirt can be extracted out of the pores, and blackheads are removed. Also, these hydroxy acids peel the skin ( they remove the outer dead layer of skin). This is called chemical peeling. As a result, it prevents dead cells from mixing with oil and accumulating.

Avoid excessive use of hydroxyl acid on the skin. It can have a corrosive effect on your skin. Also, keep in mind that exfoliating is good for blackheads and not for acne. So, if you have acne, avoid using hydroxyl acid on the skin.

Use Day and Night Cream

Use day and night cream wisely depending upon your skin type. They help in maintain the hydration of the skin and get rid of the excessive sebum on your skin.

Professional Extraction From Dermatologists

It is the last stage of treatment. When the blackhead gets worsen enough, then the final choice is to do professional extraction from a dermatologist. Keep in mind that blackhead is the accumulation of the dirt in the pores of the skin. There is no way to treat blackhead unless you extract dirt from pores.

When all the pores get closed, and the accumulation deepens enough then dermatologist recommend professional extraction. They use sterilized and professional blackhead removal tools to extract blackheads from skin pores. It’s a long process as they extract it one by one, as you can see in the video above.

When all the blackheads are extracted, space is created in the skin. As a result, you will start seeing a small vacuum in the skin. Then dermatologists will give you some creams to use on the skin as they will fill the gaps in the skin.

Few people look for blackhead remover to extract blackhead at home. Never try to do this at home.


We have discussed in detail the two leading causes of blackheads that are dead cells and oily skin. Also, we have discussed how you can prevent blackheads and how you can remove that. I hope that this guide would have helped you, and you will follow that. Also, if you have any questions or issues, leave that in the comment box below. We will love to solve your problems.

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